1. Google Summer of Code'23 Google Chromium (May 2023)

    Worked under Chromium on enhancing the chrome://policy page

  2. Google Summer of Code'22 Pitivi project (May 2022)

    Worked under GNOME Foundation on porting the very famous Pitivi video editor to GTK4

  3. Logo Menu (Aug 2021)

    GNOME Extension to create quick access menu for the GNOME panel with options that help ease the workflow for newcomers and power users alike and gives a great logo that you can switch to your liking to match your distro

  4. Modified LBRY (Jun 2021)

    Created a modified version of LBRY Android app.

  5. NewSur Theme (May 2021)

    Made a GTK theme on the foundation of a well-known GNOME (Linux DE) / GTK theme to my liking and gained over 12k downloads as of May 2022

  6. Class app (May 2021)

    Developed a android app for students of my class to have easy access to my "Help Students Website" and "ERP" of our college.

  7. Help Students Website (October 2020)

    Developed a website to help the students of my class to have easy access to all the class related documents like syllabus, Time Table at one place. It also keeps students updated about all the latest information regarding assignments and other things.

  8. Compiled my own Linux OS and its Kernel (September 2020 – October 2020)

    Compiled my own Linux from scratch, it included all the packages and compilers required by Linux OS along with the Linux Kernel itself which I had to compile from source code along with GUI. It taught me how Linux works from inside out.

  9. E-Voting Site (July 2020)

    Developed an E-Voting system using Flask which is capable of hosting elections and voters can vote on it. It can access real-time data of election just a click away, also candidates can vote and register themselves on the site.

  10. Chatbot (June 2020)

    Created a basic Chatbot based on rasa and python that used the command line to respond to user queries.

  11. Rom for Tablet (November 2019)

    I ported a famous android ROM for a Acer tablet