Pitivi GSoC Update

2 min read | Sat Jul 02 2022


Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well.

This is the 4th week since GSoC coding period officially began, this summer I'm hacking on the Pitivi project, porting it to GTK4, a much-requested feature for the editor.

I Love Pitivi

I have had some experience with GTK before as I developed an extension for GNOME, called Logomenu which helped me in jumpstarting the work.

We have made considerable progress till now, and we are on track (specifically on the porting part), but not everything went as planned, there were some hardships causing delays to the timelines I anticipated, but well, you can't anticipate everything beforehand. These failures make us learn new things and makes us better coders, provided we learn from them :D

compile errors meme

We are currently in the backported stage, implementing changes that were made available to gtk+ 3.x for a smoother transition, and it is getting over soon, my next goal is to implement gesture and event handling changes and some miscellaneous changes after that, which will mark the ending of this phase, I believe it won't be a smooth ride but I'm ready for the challenge :)

Once the backported phase is over, we will go to the "Breaking Stage" (Starting the port) during which I think hell will break loose with compile errors, this stage will also include some blind archery and will be as fun as it is scary. I can't wait to enter and finish it successfully.

compile errors meme

What this work has taught me till now is that any port or development won't be possible without proper documentation and community support, I knew the importance of good documentation, community, and dev supports, but working on something this big has given me a new level of appreciation for them.

I'm not a good writer, even writing this blog was not easy for me, thus I have great respect for all the documenters clanking their keyboards to make our life easier.

documentator smashing keys

I'm also glad on getting amazing mentors, both my mentors are super cool and helpful, I like to refer to one of my mentors, Aleb as Git Ninja (Haven't told him that yet :p). I didn't know git was so strong, I mostly only used git clone, add, fetch, pull, commit, and push commands, but now I use so many. Thanks, Mr. Torvalds.

I'm also looking forward to GUADEC'22, I wanted to attend it physically but it is not cheap, to say the least, thus I will be joining remotely (If someone from India goes there, please bring me back some stickers ;) ). Which reminds me that I also have to work on my lightning talk presentation, please help my hands.


Well, that would be it for this blog, have a great time :)